Attention North American agricultural suppliers: Exports are unlikely to replace your domestic market, but they can provide an option during local economic down times.

AG World marketing service is designed to:

  • Increase awareness of your brand as we travel to industry trade shows around the world
  • Provide full spectrum marketing for you, allowing you to focus your attention on the strongest markets/customers..
  • Offer market advice: international markets are diverse and complex. Ag World’s experience in 80 countries over the last 37 years can help you understand the markets and cultures around the world.

Facilitation of Export Shipments

  • Advice on health protocols
  • Logistics
  • Insurance and risk mitigation
  • Letter of credit management

Ag World Buyers Services

Review of your local requirements to advises on breed and type of livestock
needed for your project, including;

  • Environmental
    • Altitude
    • Temperature
    • Facilities
    • Local livestock feeds available and costs
  • Economic
    • Local market for products
    • Potential for exports
    • Price points for local market
    • Demand for higher end products
    • Sourcing your product at the best value

Know who you’re working with

In the internet age you can find a supplier for almost any product. Wouldn’t you rather know who you’re dealing with?

  • A proven history of sucessful international business
  • Working knowledge of health needs and testing for export
  • World-wide contacts of suppliers that are not on-line
  • Experienced with selection trip transportation
  • Insurance for mortality in transport and isolation as well as retesting on arrival
  • Follow up after arrival to see how the animals acclimated to your facility
  • We provide a CIF price delivered to your local ocean port or airport
  • Reducing the risk of unexpected costs emerging during the shipment