Historical Firsts and Outstanding Accomplishments

Ag World began operations January 17, 1977.  Since its beginning, Ag World has been one of the leaders in livestock exports, particularly swine, beef cattle, dairy cattle, sheep, and goats.

Bruce Cluver, Vice President of Ag World, began as Assistant Superintendent of Markets for the Illinois Department of Agriculture in charge of export promotion.  Later, as General Manager of Illinois Produce International, another livestock export company, he gained experience before founding Ag World.  The Illinois State University Alumni Association honored Cluver with the “Alumni Achievement Award” in 1993.



Received “Outstanding Exporter Honoree” from the 2020 Mid-America Trade Summit.

Supplied the first cattle into Thailand from the United States since 2003.
Received Governor’s Agricultural Business Exporter of the Year in recognition for excellence in global markets as an Illinois company.

Supplied 60% of the pigs exported to China from the U.S. (10,000 head) and 30% of all pigs imported to China from all over the world.

Supplied over 2,200 Holstein bred heifers to Turkey.

Supplied the first chartered 747 airplane of horses to China in history.

Largest exporter of rabbits from the United States.  Largest supplier of purebred pigs from the U.S.  to China.

Largest supplier of breeding swine from the United States to China.

Supplied first shipment of breeding swine to Haiti in over 30 years.

Largest supplier of Holstein-Friesian semen to Vietnam, supplying 50,000 straws.  Supplied first shipment of horses and donkeys to Pakistan in over 25 years.

Largest supplier of breeding cattle, both dairy and beef to China, supplying 545 head.

Largest supplier of breeding cattle, both dairy and beef to China, supplying 256 head.

Supplied the first ever shipment of Holstein semen from the United States to the Government of Vietnam.

Became the largest supplier of breeding swine to China, supplying over 1,300 head.

Shipped the largest shipment ever to the Island of Mindanao, to a private customer in Davao, Philippines – 480 swine.

Made the second shipment of pigs to Vietnam from the U.S. since the Vietnam Conflict.  These were satisfied, repeat customers.

Shipped the largest shipment of breeding swine ever to the Philippines – 1,280 head to Nueva Swine Valley.  Sent the government of the Philippines the largest shipment of sheep and goats in one 747 airplane – 2,042 head.  Shipped the first shipment of swine breeding stock from North America to India.  Exported first purebred Katahdin sheep from the United States to Thailand, and the first purebred Santa Inês sheep from Brazil to Thailand.

Loaded largest livestock ship ever sent from North America – 3,195 head of Holstein/Friesian bred heifers on one ship.  Completed first shipment of breeding livestock from the United States to Vietnam since the Vietnamese Conflict.  Largest exporter of dairy cattle from the United States.

Negotiated contract with the government of Turkey to supply Holstein heifers, making it the largest single breeding livestock export from the United States during the last five years.  Recipient of 1995 Illinois Governors Export Award for “Continuing Export Excellence”.

Shipped the first Water Buffalo originating in the United States to the Philippines.  Sourced, selected, and supplied Barbados Blackbelly sheep from the Island of Barbados to Malaysia.  Worked with the government of the Philippines on their beef cattle development program.  Supplied 100% of the cattle shipped to the Philippines from the United States, including one shipload of 1,623 head.  Worked with the Government of Rajasthan in Jaipur, India to develop and improve their sheep program.  Supplied 100% of the sheep shipped to Jaipur from the United States, including 1,340 Rambouillet.

Sourced, selected, and imported the first Pietrain swine/genetics from Ireland to the United States.

Imported 893 head of swine from England to the United States to help set up a new “nucleus farm” here in America.

Largest exporter of American Brahman cattle.

Received “Presidents E Award” in recognition of outstanding contributions to the increase of United States trade abroad.

First exporter to own and develop ventilating equipment for planes flying out of Miami International Airport.  Aviation history was made with 1,255 head of swine on one 747 to Singapore.  Sold first breeding swine to Republic of South Africa from the United States.

Helped develop expanded metal penning systems and “in plane” watering systems to reduce stress on animals and improve air flow.  This reduced mortality drastically.

Largest supplier of breeding swine to the Dominican Republic under their repopulation program.

Developed the goat export business and worked with the government of the Philippines to establish their goat program.  Supplied over 1,500 head of breading goats.

Largest cattle export supplier from the United States to the Orient.  Largest exporter of breeding swine from both the United States and Canada.

Sold first breeding swine to Peoples Republic of China from the United States.

Worked with private individuals in Spain and the government of Hungary to develop their dairy production program.  Supplied thousands of Holstein Friesian Dairy Heifers.