Ag World’s primary goal is to supply the highest quality animals at the most competitive price.

Furthermore, we aim to provide superior service both before and after shipment to guarantee a satisfied customer. Only through reaching our primary goal can we generate profitable growth while maintaining our status as a financially secure, well-managed, ethical company.

Ag World can supply genetics for all species through live animals, embryos, or semen. We are committed to exceeding our customers’ expectations through our rigid selection process, health testing, final inspections, and follow-up service. This insures satisfied customers and Ag World’s growth through word-of-mouth sales and repeat customers. Together, the employees of Ag World have built the most preferred livestock exporting business in the United States.

Each of our customers has specific and unique needs that must be addressed. We can fulfill those needs through our worldwide sources by supplying the genetics required to maximize production and profits for each individual customer. We are not limited by any one farm or any one country to provide the genetics you need.  Ag World is your Global source for profitable genetic material.

Ag World is the international distributor for Renco Corporation.  Renco is a leading manufacturer of ultrasonic pregnancy, backfat, and loin thickness testing equipment for the livestock industry for over 35 years.

Photograph provided courtesy of Wauragen Farms.